Vietnam Tourism

Anything anytime from the National Geographic is good. This video is about how 2 foreigners visit Vietnam for the first time to try the food tour and to visit the attractions. Ironically, they are bringing a Vietnamese American along with them who is returning home for the first time after 30 years. Even funnier is how this Vietnamese doesn’t know how to speak the Vietnamese language.

Anyway, have fun watching.

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Phu Nhuan HCMC

Sharing with you one of the least popular district in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, the Phu Nhuan district as seen at night.

There are altogether 19 districts in Saigon, HCMC, and Phu Nhuan is one of them. Hugely populated because it contains 180,000 Vietnamese within a 5 kilometer square space, it is said to be a good place to do your Saigon shopping. But it is an important area because it is centrally located to spread to all the other area of Ho Chi Minh City.

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Traffic in Vietnam

The craziest and yet best video you will ever see on the traffic in Vietnam. You will love this video.

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Hue by night

Check out how Hue, the central of Vietnam, is like at night.

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Top attractions in Vietnam

This lady toured Vietnam from the North to the South and returned with these sentiments:

In the past decade I’ve traveled in Southeast Asia more than any other region. If I were to recommend one country to visit my shortlist would certainly include Vietnam. From Hanoi to Saigon – or vice versa — harm countries that offer altering diversity. The following top attractions travel guide outlines all of the best things to do while on a trip in Vietnam:

1) I’ve honestly never met anyone who has regretted visiting Ha Long Bay. With stunning karst peaks and adventure sports aplenty it’s the involving place where you can relax on a boat during their visit and not want to return to land anytime speedily.

2) When based in Hoi An there truly is a plethora of attractions and landmarks worth visiting. Whether on foot – or on a bike – make sure to get the Japanese covered bridge, Quang Dong Assembly hall and also the Assembly Hall of the Fujian Chinese.

3) I’ve heard with people who literally fly to Vietnam to have an entire wardrobe made. No add Vietnam is more famous for its custom made tailors than Hoi An superb. I thought shopping in Ho Chi Minh is the best. Hell no!!! Shopping in Hoi An is the best!!! :D From dresses to shirts and shoes to purses you can get just about anything made here for less than you’d likely pay back home.

4) Feasting on Vietnamese local delights should like a top priority for anyone visiting the country the actual better way to practice it than by visiting an area organic farm. Nestled just outside of Hoi An. We visited Tra Que for some amazing Vietnamese cuisine.

5) For having an adventurous streak having the chance cruise down the Mekong Delta on the boat is an event you’ll never forsake. To avoid getting a sunburn be specific to put on a conical hat – it only costs about a dollars!

6) If you have ever wondered what it is just like to be from a dynamic and chaotic city look no further than Saigon. With plenty of attractions ranging from shopping to museums, there is never a shortage of things to do in the small city.

7) Taking public transit in Vietnam is a little of a nightmare considering the road conditions, traffic congestion and liberal standby and call time horns. The approach? Taking a train. Our of our favorite train trips in Vietnam was traveling from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to Nha Trang.

8) For your adventure sports junky the ability to go sea kayaking in Ha Long Bay isn’t to be missed. Nearly a boat tour around Ha Long Bay for 2 to three days it should almost definitely be included against your own itinerary.

9) Eating authentic and cheap Vietnamese cuisine might be the things I miss essentially the most about operating Vietnam. In head over to the Bale Wel in Hoi An you earn yourself special rolls with country pancakes, spring rolls, satay, kimchi and other ingredients.

10) If there is one spot in Vietnam I’d recommend a lot more than anywhere else it is hands down Sapa. With breathtaking scenery, rolling hills and rice terraces every person worth exploring either on a one day hike for women several day trekking adventure. In this section we show you our first leg in the journey heading from Sapa to Lao Chai log.

11) Getting opportunity certainly listen to live performance of traditional Vietnamese musical technology.

12) The floating markets in the Mekong Delta region are fascinating. Bustling with activity you’ll are able to purchase iced coffee and other refreshments.

13) Turning to the Central market in Hoi An allow in which experience what a local companies are like versus one directed at a visitors.

14) Getting the chance vehicle insurance how in order to cook and prepare Vietnamese cuisine is inexpensive and simple. There are plenty of cooking schools to choose from but we decided to with regard to Green Moss.

15) I’ve already waxed on and marveled about Sapa yet it’s worth mentioning again any time you get the chance to linger be certain get hotels with a view.

16) Finally, we prefer the trains but taking with less time resting bus – at least once – in Vietnam is certainly an experience you’ll always remember. With all of the swerving and honking don’t to perform get much sleep.

This is a component of our Travel in Vietnam series. We’re making a series of videos showcasing Vietnamese culture, Vietnamese arts, Vietnamese foods, Vietnamese religion and Vietnamese travelers.

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Rich Vietnam

The richest part of Vietnam. Enough said. :D

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Shopping In Vietnam

Who says shopping in Vietnam is boring? Haha! Check out the video below to see just one of the many mega malls you can find both in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Also, if you are looking for regular updates, follow this website’s Twitter and Google+.

Below is what the owner of this video says:

Walking around this mega underground mall complex really blew me away. This was a spectacular display of modern Vietnam at its finest. Shopping in Hanoi never got so much easier. The outside is worth a look too. Be sure to check back soon for more on that. And for more on my life in Vietnam please visit Be sure to like my facebook too at

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My Favorite Oliver Stone Films Of His Career

I have reservations about John McCain. I used to be a big partner. However, every day he is starting to sound more and more like George W. Bush; which in itself is a little troublesome. Even though it is not nearly as disturbing as some other things I have exposed to hear about Mr. McCain.

How is this that we lost the Vietnam Battle? We the most powerful military on the inside world’s history, with technology that is more than all other countries and made mince meat of additional and larger countries in wars before this? Well I sure can’t trust it and frankly it makes me mad. I have some ideas of why it went so badly over there and much more what I’d like to see to speak about in the reason why.

Senator Obama has served in our great country Senate for four years, while Senator John McCain has served in the U.S. Senate for twenty-two years. Senator McCain served in Vietnam undergoing beatings, not enough medical treatment and spending a great price of quantity of solitary confinement. He is awarded the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and the Purple Cardiac. Senator Barack Obama has never served associated with Armed Troops.

Looked like Obama would go all West Wing there and throw out the rules react to McCain’s digs at him. But he backed down when Tom Brokaw got all huffy.

The final conclusion is this John McCain is not a republican by deed, he isn’t a war hero, as well as is not eligible staying our web design manager. So who is pulling the strings to allow this guy get just? When will Oliver stone be making a film about these two people?

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Best War Movies

Violence is a major part of current society. Aside off the violence that comprises a major a part of the evening news on all American news channels, current movies is becoming a reflection of society. Movies such as Kill Bill, Vols. 1 and 2 and the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre show how our society flocks to physical violence.

I wanted to shoot in black and white because I like black and white. It feels more provocative and interesting to me than full color. Color reminds me of replacing stuff I experience on the day to day purpose. Black and white abstracts from reality and makes me face the sentiments that are underlying that have on each and every to day basis.

The ultimate way to donate your time for major and welfare of the Vietnam veterans is with the use of web based donation ad providers. If you are looking to go Ho Chi Minh shopping, save your time as there are online websites which offer to perform maximum part of the job for you. They ensure that your donation reaches the needy veterans also as your respect is conveyed.

How does boxing stand out from the other major particular sports? The theory in this essay is the fact the other sports (basketball, baseball, hockey) are more tied together with two aspects that aren’t part of boxing: teamwork and habit. Baseball, football and basketball are all based on his or her teams right now there is charm being, for instance, a Yankee fan through thick and thin, regardless of whether or even otherwise our favorite player has retired or been exchanged. A Yankee fan is often a Yankee player. Then, there are the rituals regarding preseason rites and in-season schedules(Berger 29).

I don’t relish to capture souls or beauty or some meaning or anything with photography. Still less to I feel a hunter trying to shoot down or conquer beauty. All I do is get connected with beauty. Photography is amazing doing that. So there is no particular vision for my jobs.

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Ngo Thanh Van Vietnam Actress

Since we are on the topic of videos in Vietnam, I thought we should take a break and highlight an actress here.

Ngo Thanh Van Vietnam Actress 01

This is Ngô Thanh Vân, or Ngo Thanh Van, one of the most successful TV and movie actress from Vietnam.

Ngo was born on February 26, 1979 in Tr Vinh, Vietnam. When she was 10, she gone to live in Norway with her family, but later relocated to Vietnam to pursue an entertainment career.

Ngo Thanh Van Vietnam Actress 02

In 1999, Ngo returned to Vietnam where she participated in a beauty pageant organized by playboy magazine Women’s World, and finished as second runner-up. After that, she launched her modeling career in Vietnam as a model for magazines, calendars, and fashion collections. Soon after, she’d her first acting role on the small screen in Huong De, little TV series on HTV Channel.

In 2002, Ngo transitioned into the music activity scene as a pop-dance singer by the producer Quoc Bao. She recorded the duet album called Vuon Tinh Nhan or Lovers’ Garden, with established singer Tuan Hung.

Ngo Thanh Van Vietnam Actress 03

One year later, again with some help from producer Quoc Bao, Ngo released her debut solo album, The Gioi Tro Choi (Play World), on February 25. This album was a power pop-dance LP with the theme “NTV Virus”. Two music videos were filmed for your album; “The Gioi Tro Choi” & “Ngay Tuoi Sang”, a cover version of jtL’s “A Better Day”, which was directed by Jackie Chen. These two videos were the first Vietnamese music videos to feature professional special effects and are listed among the more costly Vietnamese music videos to date.

In 2004, Ngo followed up along with her second album, Bi An Vang Trang aka Mystery for the Moon, which featured a moon theme, on March 15th. Three videos were released from this album: “Bi An Vang Trang”, the cheerleader-themed “Vuon Toi tam Cao (Reach for the Sky)”, and the ballad “Khi Nao Em Buon (Whenever I’m Sad)”, which was later covered by a lot of artists including Mat Ngoc, Minh Thuan and Thanh Thao.

Ngo Thanh Van Vietnam Actress 04

In 2004, Ngo made her first international appearance in Rouge, a 13-part late night television series aired on AZN Television. ‘Rouge’ was produced by MTV Asia & MediaCorp Singapore and was broadcast widely in Asia and Research. For the remainder on the year, Ngo was busy with the promotional campaign for Rouge throughout Asia and film of her third recording. She was chosen as the widely accepted actress in Rouge on the MTV Asia website.

On September 5, 2005, My Way, Ngo’s third album, was already released. This album was produced by Ngo herself and featured a collaboration with a small group of producers called Dreams. My Way featured multiple genres, from alternative rock to pop, R&B, and beats. She remixed the famous Trinh Cong Son song “Quynh Huong”.

Ngo Thanh Van Vietnam Actress 05

After My Way, Ngo engaged herself further in acting, with many starring roles in films such as Saigon Love Story by Ringo Le, 2 In 1 by Dao Duy Phuc, and the Rebel by Charlie Nguyen Chanh Truc with Johnny Tri Nguyen, the latter becoming (at that point) Vietnam’s highest grossing film of in history. Ngo’s performance was highly praised by both critics and the public, and she was nominated for “Best Actress” in the ‘Canh Dieu Vang’ awards (Vietnam’s Oscars) for the second time. In the spring of 2007, Ngo also starred in brand name new thriller called Ngoi Nha Bi An (Haunted Manor), which premiered in Vietnamese cinemas in November the year 2007. That December, Ngo was awarded the “Best Actress” prize at the 15th Vietnam Film Party.

In autumn 2006, after a 2-month break in America, Ngo returned to Vietnam, and started recording her 4th album which she promised would surely be a dance anthem record. On October 2006, Ngo premiered one of her new songs “I Won’t Stop Loving You,” a new collaboration with Quc Bo, on closing episode of 21st Century Woman on VTV. But due to heavy promotion for The Rebel, the album release was pushed back to the summer of 3 years ago. In May 2007, Ngo announced that the fourth album title would be Studio 68 and claimed that 68 was her lucky quanity. She released Studio 68 on January 10, 2008.

Ngo Thanh Van Vietnam Actress 06

In 2006, Ngo signed a contract to can be found in the long-running music and comedy show Van Son, produced by Van Son Entertainment, a different Vietnamese music production company. She has since appeared each Van Son DVD release to night out.

During preliminary months of 2008, Ngo began fixing her next album Nuoc Mat Thien Than maybe the Tears of Angel, while Studio 68 was awarded “Most Creative Album” within a monthly “Album Vang” treasure.

2009 saw Ngo a lot more starring beside Johnny Tr Nguyn from a Chanh Phuong action movie Clash. She also opened her own talent agency called VAA.

In 2010, Ngo competed as a contestant each morning Vietnamese version of Dancing with the stars. She finished when compared to the victor for season anyone. After winning, Ngo revealed she would go back music in the year 2011. In Autumn, she embarked on a national promotional tour.

In December 2010, after 2 years training, NTV presented the first act of her agency, a five-piece boy-band called 365.

In 2011, Ngo was busy the particular promotion of 365 (a pop boy band she managed), as well as other commercial contracts. She also played the leading role in the thriller Ngoi Nha Trong Hem, or, the House In The Alley. The movie premiered nationwide in February 2012.

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